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We are committed to providing an honest, professional, and thorough service. Located in Baltimore, we serve Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.


Air Duct Cleaning

Having your air ducts cleaned every 1-2 years will significantly reduce dirt, toxins, and other debris around your home. Our team can get through any amount of dirt build-up in no time.

This service helps reduce symptoms of allergies, saves money on your electricity bills, and improves your air quality while increasing the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Another game-changer is our UV Light Installation service. The most effective way to continuously kill off any mold, germs, and bacteria using only light to cleanse the air as it passes through the system. 

Besides an annual clean, you might want to consider having your air ducts serviced more frequently if you have pets that shed fur and leave odors around your home or recently had a renovation or remodeled in any or all rooms. Air travels fast, so the waste produced from such a project could end up anywhere in your home.  

Many of the issues caused by this cannot be seen until later on, costing you a lot more in repairs. So don’t wait; get a quote today and start breathing cleaner. 

Mould and germ killing UV light installation serviceA dirty air duct that needs cleaning
A carpet being thoroughly deep cleanedBefore and after the cleaning of a dirty carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Does your carpet look dull? Is there a stain that you can’t get out? Do you have a musky or unpleasant smell lingering in your home that you can’t locate?

Kids & pets can turn even the cleanest homes into a breeding ground for bacteria right under your feet. But with the proper maintenance, your carpets and rugs will look and smell brand new for a long time!

Our carpet cleaning service works wonders at eliminating any trapped debris, pollutants, toxins, and stains. With a safe, reliable, and hassle-free appointment, you can ensure your furniture is moved with care and put back where it should be.


Breakdown of Services

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Furnace Vent Cleaning

Return Vent Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Specialty Rug Pick-Up

Specialty Rug Cleaning

Water Damage Repair

Power Washing


You won't find a more thorough & caring cleaning team!

At Elite Clean, we pride ourselves on our work ethic, attention to detail, and our whole-hearted joy for helping our customers get that ‘new home’ feeling back.


We ensure our clients homes are clean and healthy.

Our dedicated team has the know-how to fix your odor, stain, and general cleaning problems and work alongside you to improve the day-to-day conditions of your home.

Elite Clean Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning is family-owned and has been operating to the highest standard for over 6 years.

why us?

Professional service. No funny business.

We guarantee a fast, efficient, and stress-free service that will leave you satisfied and full of trust in Elite Clean and the team.We know you will be happy with the outcome and excited for your next visit with open communication before, during, and after the job!

A filthy air duct packed with dust and mouldA clean air duct that has been properly serviced

What our clients say

Very professional and arrived on time. He called 45 min prior to let me know he was in time. Did a great job cleaning all air vents and returns and doing mold control and clean up. I would def recommend this company to assist you with your vent cleaning needs.


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